Saturday, 16 February 2019


                  Chennakeshava temple 

The chennakeshava temple also referred to as Keshava,keshava or vijayanarayana  temple of Blur,is a 12th-century Hindu temple in the Hassan district of karnataka state, India.  It was commissioned by king vishnuvardhana in 117CE,on the bank of the yagachi River in Belur also called velapura 

It is 35 km from Hassan city  and about 200km from  Benguluru. Chennakeshava is a from of the Hindu god Vishnu.The temple is dedicated  to Vishnu and has been an active Hindu temple since it's foundering  it is reverentially described  in medieval Hindu texts,and remains an important  pilgrimage sitein vaishnavism. The temple is remarkable for it's architecture,sculpture,reliefs,friezes as well it's iconography, inscriptions and history. The temple artwork depicts scenes of secular life the 12th century 
                                  GOD VISHNU

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