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                     Lakshmi Narasimha shrine 

The Lakshmi narasimha statue is one of the most imposing sculptures found in the ruins town of Hampi. The speciality of the sculpture is that it is located on the southern side of the Hemakuta group of temples that stand on the Hemakuta Hill. 
  This gigantic stone   structure is considered to be among the most important monuments found in Hampi. It is a major tourist attraction and is visited by a large number of people through out the year
                    Narasimha shrine entrance
  History of Lakshmi Narasimha Statue. Hampi      

The Lakshmi narasimha statue and the temple   Housing the statue were built in the year 1528 AD. it was constructed during the rule of krishnadevaraya, one of the greatest rulers of the vijayanagara Empire. The temple is dedicated to lord narasimha, one of the ten avatars of lord Vishnu,and Goddess Lakshmi as such, the temple is known as the Lakshmi narasimha temple 
The original sculpture had a small figure of Goddess Lakshmi, consort of NaraSimha,sitting on his lap.  The gigantic statue was vandalizal and mutilated in 1565 AD during the raid by the niggard that led to the fall of the vijayanagara Empire . The limbs of Narasimhas statue were broken during the attack. The figure of Lakshmi was separated from that of Narasimha. In the process of destruction.  One of the hands of goddess Lakshmi was broken and even today the broken hand of the goddess can be seen resting on the back of Narasimha.  Now the damaged statue of Lakshmi resides at the Archaeological museum at kamalapura 


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